How to dig your own grave. Part II


One of the security officers banged on the main door two times with his fist in a attempt to have someone on the other side let us in. Once inside, there was a table with two chairs on one side and one chair on the other. “Leave us, we will take over from here”, one of the men in the suit said to the security officers that escorted us in the room. He then turns to me and says “Sit down, my name is Mr. Rogers and I am the Security Director of this gaming house and hotel.” Now, at this juncture, I was just relieved that I didn’t see any hammers or any other instruments that they might want to harm or torture me with. “So you think you can just come into my Casino and try to steal from us?” he says. “Mr Rogers, I don’t have a clue as to what your talking about sir, you guys have clearly mistaken me for someone else” I said. “Listen Mr. Rivers, we know what you were trying to do, we have you on tape, we have all the evidence that points to you trying to defraud my Casino, so if you want to play games, I will make your life a living hell and see to it you spend the next 10 years in prison.”

Here’s the thing everybody, it’s extremely important for you to know that the identification I used to do this was my face, but with a fictitious name and address. So they actually had no idea who in the hell I really was. “Who you working for?” “Where did you get this?” He says. “I am not answering any questions, I want an attorney,” I said.” Ok so you want to play hard ball huh?” says Mr. Rogers, then I hear a knock at the door, it opens and they bring in Tanya. “Hey man she has nothing to do with any of this why is she here, let her go” I shouted. I could see the worried look on her face, and to be honest I really felt bad putting her in a situation but what could I do I was helpless. “She is free to go but your going to jail tonight, get her out of here” says Mr. Rogers. That’s when they started to handcuff me and search my person.

Now, I still had my keys to the car in my pocket and close to about four grand in my sock from the first move we made prior too. “She needs the keys for her car to get home and I have her money” I said. Before I knew it they found the money in my sock, confiscated that and gave her the keys to the car. “We are not as stupid as you think Rivers, we know this money is neither yours or hers and will be using this as evidence to prosecute you,” said Mr. Rogers. It was only about 15 minutes or so of continued threats from this man that a sheriff finally arrived and hauled me off to jail.

I got to jail that night and once I was booked in, I was left in the holding tank for a few hours. I had no idea what time it was exactly, I just knew I was in a world of shit. I was exhausted mentally from all the shit that had transpired over the course of the night and negative thoughts raced through my head all the while. Since it was a Saturday night, it took an eternity for them to get me fully processed and changed from my street clothes into their version of county issued pajamas,slippers and eventually into a cell.

This was the night I was introduced to my cell mate for the unforeseeable future. “What’s up young man?, the name is Harold, they treating you ok?” He said. “Yeah I’m good man, just tired as fuck and need some rest” I said to him. Harold, told me he had been at the jail for about 2 months and was fighting a murder case. He must of been lonely as hell before I arrived, because this man wouldn’t shut the hell up. “They trying to say I killed my wife, can you believe that?, I’m 72 years old, I don’t have no business killing nobody,” said Harold.
“Yeah man that’s fucked up, but honestly, I just wanna sit back, get a little rest and think for a min old timer” I said to Harold. Maybe I shouldn’t of been talking to an alleged murderer like that, but at that point I didn’t give a fuck, but best believe I slept with one eye open that morning. A few hours later I was told the amount of my bond was 30 thousand total but my bail was only 10% of that’s. With me being out of town nobody even knew I was in jail. When I did get a chance to make a phone call I made contact with one of my cousins and asked if he could help get me out. He was more than happy to but said it would take him a few days to gather the funds needed.
For the next few days, I didn’t sleep or eat much while I waited for my cousin to come through with the bail money money needed to get me out of there. I did manage however to barter the mystery meat we received for our nightly dinner with Harold for his apples and oranges just so I would have something in my stomach. It was now Tuesday evening, when one of the guards came to our cell and told me they needed to fingerprint me again. “You sure you are who you say you are?” He says. “Yeah why so” I asked, “because your prints aren’t coming back, we need to run you again.” I did my best to maintain my composure and keep my poise but I was really sweating bullets. Once he finished they put me back in the cell with Harold.

The following morning a different deputy comes back to the cell and says to me “Rivers, roll it up you made bail” grab your shit and let’s go your going home. There wasn’t much to grab, I just said told Harold good luck and I got the hell out of dodge.After I got my clothes back, got dressed and got all the paperwork needed, I reached in my jacket pocket and found a 50 dollar bill I must of forgotten about on Saturday. The good news was the bus to get back home was about 42 dollars and I was able to hop on the next one headed back. The bad news…I was now a wanted man!!
To be continued…..