Blondes Brunettes, and Blue Bananas.  Part II

The Grapevine

About three hours into our trip, the only thing left in that vodka bottle was a swig or two of backwash, along with a half a dozen blunt roaches. Since I was in the backseat, It looked like our nominated driver Marvin was nodding off every few seconds. “Hey man, you need to pull this muthafucka over so one of us can take over, that way you don’t kill us before even get there, that would suck” Gavin sarcastically joked. Marvin pulled off the first available exit with a gas station so we could fill the gas tank again. Gavin got out went into pay for gas and use the bathroom, I went into the store right behind him and grabbed some gum and a few waters for us. I looked out the store window and remember seeing Marvin, get out the drives side and walk around to the passenger side, presumably to pump the gas Gavin just paid for. By the time me and Gav got back to the car Marvin was laid out in the passenger seat. “Yo Gav”, as I liked to call him. “I was just curious, what in the hell was you waiting for at the house for so long for anyway”, I asked. “Oh yeah, I almost forgot to tell you guys, I got a couple of E pills for us to pop for the party this afternoon, but I took one earlier”.

He gave Marvin one almost immediately just so he could stay awake and maybe not look like shit the next day. He shot one to me and took another one himself. When I think back to that night I wish I would a just waited until the party to pop mine, but I was a certified goer, what can I say? Within a few minutes of trying to find the on ramp again, we were back on the freeway. I’d say it was about 45 minutes or less that our little party inside the car was back on again only this time it was a lot of jaw clenching, bigger blunts, funnier jokes and knee deep conversation about everything under the moon.

According to the sign ahead, the Grapevine was about 5 miles away, that’s when I heard Gavin say “Hey Marv,” when we pulled up to the gas pump, you did pump the gas after I paid, right?” “Naw bro, I thought you pumped it?” Marvin, said in his wired, worried and shaky voice. ” Awww shit!!!!,” we all said in unison. This was super ugly because there were no gas stations on the grapevine for who knows how long. The next sound we heard was the worse sound anybody wants to hear in the car middle of now where late at night, “DING” that was the low fuel sound. “Ain’t this about a bitch,” I said out loud, “were fucked,”!!

Truthfully, being stranded in the middle of the grapevine was literally not the issue here. Even though we all stayed quiet like church mice, all we could really do was read each other’s facial expressions to know this cruise ship was slipping away for every single second we wasted on this type of nonsense, but this wasn’t the time for imputation, actually we were all at fault on this on. Call a tow truck? No way! No cell service for miles. Options were few, but somehow the wheels keep spinning the car never stopped. We all just kept quite and never stopped eyeballing the low fuel gauge as if it were going to change to a full tank on its own. I don’t know of anytime, I’ve seen three adult full grown men sober up as fast as we did. All the fun, jokes and games got replaced with promises to God we know we wouldn’t keep, but three sinners like us never get that lucky.
We finally arrived to the nearest gas station and as luck would have it, the gas ran out right when we pull in, amazingly we coasted a few feet away from a stall. Everybody’s disposition after that stupid little stutter step couldn’t be more serious. All of us knew we now had a mission to accomplish more than ever so without one word, it was strictly actions, we got gas, jumped the fuck back on the road and never talked about it ever again. Ever!!!

To be continued….



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