Blondes, Brunettes, and Blue Bananas. Part III

Tia and Mia

By the time we got to Los Angeles I was tired as shit, but coming down from the first pill I took, and the weed we had smoked a few hours earlier. At this point none of us had gotten any rest and we just wanted to find the first motel we could and get a few hours rest. We found a two bed room at a motel 6  and got situated. We rock, paper, scissors for who would get the floor with some covers. I won’t go into who lost that morning but either way once we all laid out we passed out about 15 mins later. Before I could drop into a deep sleep, I thought a fucking Grizzly Bear busted in the door, because Marvin’s snoring was so dam loud it echoed in the room like a Mack truck coming down road. “Hey man” me and Gavin yelled out to Marvin in our annoyed voices, “bro you snoring hella loud” only for him to roll over for half a second and fall back into a deep sleep snoring all over again. Now this went on for about six or seven times until we both said fuck it. It was like an up hill battle.

Me nor Gav got any sleep that morning and to keep it real my eyes hurt much from no sleep it felt like I had hot sauce in them. That’s how red they were. The best we could do was grab some coffee from the near by 7/11 and as far as Marv the Grizzly Bear, he woke up bright eyed and bushy tailed, once we got back. We had to be at the boat dock at 12pm and we we’re actually on good time at this point. We left the motel about 10am and had plenty of time to get there. Good thing we left early because once we arrived to check in, the line to get on the ship seemed as if there were over thousands of people checking in. The good news is that the line seemed to be moving relatively quickly.

The jobs we had been assigned had already been determined, but just like I should of known, Gav had this look on his face like he was having second thoughts about bringing the weed on the ship. “You know what, maybe we should just leave the weed in the car, I don’t wanna get searched and they find it?” Gavin said. ” Oh hell naw, we all paid for that shit man and that’s the job you signed up for,” I said. He never said anything after my statement, but I could see the concern on his face, so I said ” just give it to me and I’ll do it, you scary ass fucker” and laughed. I have to admit, even though I said that, I never expected him to just give it to me. We didn’t have a whole lot of time for back and forth banter so I just took the trees and tucked them on my person. We gave our bags to the appropriate baggage handlers and waited in line like everybody else.
We ended up in line behind these two twins, Tia and Mia. The only thing that separated one from the other is that Tia was the blonde one and Mia was the brunette. They were from San Diego and this was there third time on the cruise. These girls were pretty cool and really down to earth like most beautiful women are. “You guys are gonna have so much fun, even if me and my sister have to make sure you do” said Mia, who happened to be the more talkative one of the two.

Now, Gavin and Marv, flirted back and forth with this girl for a few minutes, when Tia asked me a direct question. “Why are you so quiet” she said to me. “Oh I’m just a little tired from the car trip and we didn’t get much sleep last night” I said. Me telling her I was tired was in fact true, but really the thing on my mind that was more important was these three ounces of weed I had on me that I had agreed to get on this cruise for us and that had a million things running through my mind. “Well you can forget about rest” Tia said because once we get those blue bananas there ain’t no such thing as any rest until we get home.” “Blue bananas?” what does that mean” Marvin asked. Both girls laughed and giggled that we didn’t know what a blue banana meant and said “we can’t tell you we can only show you.” Marv with his crazy ass said ” as long as it doesn’t involve you sticking something in me, I wanna know what it means.” We all laughed at that point.
The line got shorter and shorter while we had the conversation with the twins. Then that’s when I noticed two drug sniffing dogs at the front of the line with what looked like to be a several cruise ship officers. They were about 60 feet or so in front of use as we started to get closer and closer when one of the ounces I had stuck in my waist ban started to slip down the side of my left leg until it was almost coming out of the bottom of the sweats I had on.

Nobody new this but me, and of course in these type of scenarios you have to just pray for the worse and hope for the best. I didn’t know if I should turn around and get out of line, and fix myself, if I should reach down and try to fix my sweats which would have been equally suspicious or just see it through. I opted for the latter. “Did you hurt your leg or something,” one of the twins asked and Marvin being the one with the rest that afternoon, caught on and knew I was in a situation and said something to the girls to change the subject. Here I am at the front of the line showing my passport and answering all question they had. It’s like time was moving in slow motion. The dog is looking at me I’m looking at the dog. “Please Dog”, I said in my mind just,  “STAY,”  it was as if I was given him commands telepathically like I was his owner.

What happened next was what I never would have imagined.

To be continued…