How to dig your own grave. Part I    

A White Collar

It’s funny because I still always tell people that I’m living my second life right now, but back in my former life, there was an old acquaintance of mine who showed me how to hustle casinos out of large sums of money with relative ease. Now, without getting into all the logistics of what we did exactly, or dry snitching on myself, I will say that for every trip we went on we always came back home with a King’s  Ransom and within a few weeks of doing this I was on the way to easy street. In hindsight, I don’t think any amount of currency is enough to take away ones freedom, but back then “Risk Taker” was my middle name.

It was one of those of days that  might of been arguing with on this particular night, but I felt like the only thing that was gonna make me happy again was taking another trip outta town to score several grand again in “The biggest little city in the world”. I had already blew through a chunk of my money after a few weeks so the greed in me didn’t give a damn about nothing but counting some more of those crispy Benjamin Franklin’s I was so infatuated with. I gave my connection a call shortly thereafter and told him I was ready to make another trip. He informed me that he couldn’t go this run but he would give me what I needed to still make this happen or I could wait to go when he was able.

My thought process was like, well if I did do this thing alone, it will be more money for me anyway. I didn’t wanna go by myself though, I kinda felt like it would be a good idea to at least take a lady friend with me who could at least play the part and keep me company. Once I swung by this dudes place to get the stuff I needed to make this happen, I called this one chick I knew named Tanya to see if she was down to roll. “Hell yeah,” she said, “I’ll be ready by the time you get here”. Nice, I’m on the way” I replied.

The Backroom

We jumped on the road that night and it started off pretty smooth. The drive was only about two hours or so but it seemed like the night was moving in slow motion. I had a ton of shit on my mind on the way up there but when I think back maybe somebody was trying to tell me something because about an hour before we got there it started snowing out of nowhere, and we had no snow chains for the car. Tanya wanted to turn around and just go back home but I quickly killed that nonsense when I decided to give her a little hush money to stay on course. How we made it through that snow storm without chains I’ll never know but we did end up making it to our destination in one piece about 10:30 that night.

After we parked I gave her about 40 bucks to play some slots and blend in while I did my business at the first casino. We were in and out in about 25 minutes and everything went according to plan. As we started to walk to the next casino, Tanya suggested that we take our bags out the car, and go and get a room before we hit the next spot, get settled and have some drinks and chill for a few. “Nah, let me do one more and that way we can just kick back until tomorrow” I said. I took the money I made I gave her a few more bucks and put the rest in my sock.

Before we walked in, I briefed her again and told her we’re gonna run the same routine. She went a did her thing and I assured her I’d see her in a few minutes. This time though, things were taking a little bit longer than usual. I didn’t really wanna panic at first but I did start to get a little nervous, because I just had a bad feeling. After a few minutes of waiting for my money to come back, I started to notice a security guard a few yards away just standing outta place, then I noticed another, then another, almost like they were getting in position to make a move on me. I think I must of counted about eight or nine of these guys.

Before I knew it, two well dressed guys walked up to me and one of them said to me, “Sir, would you come with us please.” For a brief second I thought about running, but where the fuck was I gonna go, and honestly how far would I really get before I got tackled. I decided it would probably be best to just surrender at this point and follow these guys. We walked to the back of the casino down some dark hallway to another back room and if you ever seen the actual movie “Casino”, I could only think about that one scene in that movie, when they caught the two scammers stealing from the gaming area and took one of them to the back room, smashed his hand with the hammer, then brought the second guy in and told him ” Imma give you a choice, you can get the money and the hammer , or we can let you walk out of here, but you can’t have both.”

To be continued…..

“Money without brains is always dangerous.” – Napoleon Hill