The Shit Show!! Part 2 and 3

                          OPEN SESAME РPART 2


I banged on my bedroom door with my fist and said, “Open this muthafuckin door,” a few seconds later, Aleah and Chris came scurrying out the bedroom like cockroaches escaping from the lights. “Oh my God, oh my God, I’m so sorry,” said Aleah. I’m not quite sure what they might of been doing in the bedroom but when they came out they were fully dressed, so maybe I came to the door before they actually got started or right after the finished. Who knows?

I immediately went to the closet and checked to make sure my money was where I tucked it and grabbed my baseball bat. I returned to the front room and everybody was gone. I looked out the front door and the only person who stood there was my ex. She came back inside and busted out in tears and apologizing profusely for what just had occurred. We went back and forth with me calling her all type of bitches and all the kind of dialogue that goes along with you catching somebody in that type of situation.

I told her, “grab your shit, and get the fuck out, you might as well left with them,” after which she was told me, “fuck you I’m gone.” I slammed the door behind her and I just sat on the couch trying to digest what the fuck just happened. To tell you the truth, the only person I was mad at was myself for putting myself any that position. After about three days or so I got a call from her and said she wanted to talk about everything that had occurred and that she wanted to make a proposal to me.

She came back by the apartment about two days later and we sat down and talked. She apologized for betraying me and lying to me and all that bullshit. By this time, I wasn’t interested in trying to work things out I was pretty much done, I mean there is no second chances when it come to something like that. I just felt like, I had no desire to have somebody around me I can’t trust, man, woman, dog it doesn’t matter, but what she did say after her apologizes, I can say I never saw coming, “I know you were talking about how you wanted to move soon because they increased the rent and that you found a place you were thinking about, what if I gave you money for you move and you sub leased the apartment in my name so you don’t have to break your lease.”

At first the whole thought of that sounded crazy, like why in the fuck would I wanna do that. I knew her credit wasn’t that good so she would a had an issue finding another apartment because her credit wasn’t that great and all that shit, so I get it, but come on. You want me to help you? Technically that wasn’t my problem, but I still was curious to know, so I asked, “How much money you talking?” She then says, “Well I can give you $2500 for the move and that should cover your deposit too!” My deposit was $500 bucks when I moved in initially, so I would actually be ahead about $2000 if my next deposit was also $500, if I accepted it. “I’ll get back to you this weekend, I need to think about it,” I said. I ¬†didn’t really dwell on where she got the money from at that point, I just figured she may have asked her Uncle to help her like he had in the past. We parted ways that day and I told her I would be in touch.

                               PART 3

She called me that Sunday and asked if I had made a decision, I said I had, and told her to come by tomorrow. When she showed up that next day, we figured the logistics like, when she would have money, what day the move would be and so forth. Once we agreed on everything we set the wheels on motion. Now I had the other apartment already situated so it really just came down to the timing of everything. About a week later, we got the papers signed to transfer the lease into her name and pay me the money. “I got $2200 for you now but I wanted to know if it was ok to give you the rest in a week from today,” she asked. As much as I really didn’t want to, since I had everything already set up, I told her, “yeah that’s cool just make sure you have it next week, and that was that.

That next week came and went, and when I didn’t hear from her about a day after she was supposed to call me, when I did finally get ahold of her, she said she had some issues with the rest of the money and she would need about a few more days to get it to me. A few more days went by and I tried to contact her again and left a few messages for her to call me back, never heard back. It didn’t take long for me to figure out, at this point I need to just go by and get my money.

Later that day, one of my boys named Donovan stopped by my spot and asked me if I wanted to go play some ball up at the local gym. I told him I was on my way out the door to go pick up some money, but I was down to go after I handled that. “Can I roll with you?” he asked. I briefed him on the situation and asked if he still wanted to go and he said, “He’ll yeah I’m in, plus you never know, who might be over there and you don’t want to get caught off guard in case things get funny.”

We got to the old apartment about 45 minutes later. When we pulled up, I told Don, “Hey bro I’ll be right back, I don’t even know if she’s home but let me see what’s up.” I exited the car to walk up to the door and Donovan stepped out the car and leaned against the passenger door to make sure he could see a clear view of me in case things went left.

I knocked on the door two times and some big nose funny looking guy answered the door and said, “What’s going on man?” “Aye man is Z here?,” I asked. No man she ain’t here, who should I tell her came by?”, he says. A split second later I look to my right and see Z walking up the path way with Aleah and Chris, “What are you doing here?,” she says, like she is completely oblivious to the nature of my visit. “You know why I’m here, I said. The next thing I hear right about the same time I’m looking out my peripheral, I see Donovan walk up and , Chris says, “Donovan?, what you doing here?”

To be continued…..