The Promiscuous Princess 3

                                Eyes Wide Closed

Surprisingly, after a short time, Friday positioned herself against the right arm of the couch and stretched her left leg across both of my legs (not that it was an issue) to apparently get  more comfortable, while Rochelle just rested her head on my left shoulder. At this juncture we were really just having a good time, smiling, laughing and sharing one or three sexual innuendos with one another. Not sure what time it was at this point, but the crazy thing was, I’m not exactly sure how to even quantify what was going on here. It’s like, one half of me is saying to myself, “Maybe I need a Viagra,” and the other half of me is saying, it’s a little bit to early to be letting my guard all the way down with these passive aggressive young ladies, especially after feeling the way I was feeling. “You ready for your surprise,” says Rochelle. I didn’t have to respond for her to know I was in. Friday gets up and goes towards the kitchen. “Let’s go to my room,” says Rochelle. Now, I’m thinking dam, I ain’t even seen the rest of the house and we already going to the room.

We get to the room and start kissing and rubbing both clearly buzzing, but making out just like two people would who’ve  been waiting all night to get there hands on one another. Im talking about clothes just peeling off by layer by layer, when all of a sudden she just stops and says “Ok, let’s go see your surprise,” we come to a screeching halt and she gives me a beach towel to cover myself up with then wraps a towel around herself. We walk to her back patio and Friday is sitting in a Jacuzzi with a glass of wine in her hand butt ass naked. Rochelle takes off her towel, hops in the water and then says to me “Don’t be shy, we don’t bite,” and they both laugh out loud. Say no more. My towel didn’t even make it to the floor before I was up to my neck in hot tub bubbles.

As I think back to that last drink I finished on the couch, there’s something about being in a Jacuzzi with two naked women, one of them named Friday on a Friday night, sipping Pinot Noir without a concern in the galaxy that will somehow cancel that shit out. Truth be told, I was kinda feeling a lot like Dan Bilizeran, well minus the private jets, $100 million dollar net worth and hoards of exotic women at my beck and call, but in my world this was just as exclusive and frankly on this particular night so far I was doing better than good.

Now, it would of been just a distasteful, godawful, travesty to all of my readers if I didn’t do my sincerest due diligence and illustrate this scene as vividly as possible for you all. On this noteworthy warm and clear summer night, all the stars were out and lit the fuck up shining big and bright, without one cloud in the dark sky. In fact, in contrast with the water at the right temperature, two fine ass women (excuse two bad bitches), two bottles of wine we killed (I think), it really couldn’t of been more perfect, but let me explain to you all how naive I might be at times. Even though we’re all in the hot tub in the nude and clearly knowing that me and Rochelle was a go obviously, it wasn’t until these two started kissing and licking on each other that I was convinced that I had a front row seat and a backstage pass to this three way show and private party.

As I started to make my way towards Friday. We hear something rustling in the bushes about three yards away. We all paused for a brief moment. Friday then says, “Did you guys just hear that,” we both responded with a definitive, “Yeah”, I said turn down the music right quick,” We waited a few moments and sat in silence staring at the thick bushes and foliage to make sure we all weren’t bugging out, a few seconds later the next thing we all see is somebody flying out the bushes like a muthafuckin bat out of hell, run right pass us, across the backyard and directly to the other side of the fence and hop it. If you ever been in a split second situation we’re shit happens so fast that you don’t even have time to react to it. Well then you get me.

We all just sat in the Jacuzzi for what had seemed like a half a second, then just like expected, mass hysteria broke out, both girls freaked the fuck out, my dick went completely soft and we all hopped out the Jacuzzi and dove into the house like three parkour professionals. We didn’t give a shit about finding our water and wine soaked towels, they were the last thing on our minds. Plus, right before I got ready to get my plane of the ground on Friday night then land in New Rochelle the lights on the back patio were all off anyway so any hopes of finding a towel were futile. The sick thing about this whole outlandish ordeal was that I wasn’t sure if I was blown out the water literally and just wanted to go hunt this son of a bitch down and beat the brakes of this silly perverted punk or that I just wanted a rain check. This Pepping Tom/Stalker/Voyeur fucked up one of the best sexual nights I was sober enough to remember, it was a tough position to be in. All I could say was “Ain’t this about a beyotch.”



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