The Cactus Theory 2

After Sergeant York’s outrageous allegations, I was only able to sit in my thoughts and attempt to comprehend what he had conveyed to me for only a few seconds until my home phone rang. “So are you gonna get that?,” he says. “No it’s cool,” I reply back to him. “I’m not asking you, I’m telling you he says.” I had a gut feeling it might be Olivia calling to make sure I was on the way or even maybe somebody I dam sure didn’t need to talk to at that point, so I stalled for a few seconds and the phone stopped ringing. Since it was my lucky day though less than 10 seconds later it started ringing again. This time however, he picked up the phone and handed it to me to talk.

I answer the phone and say, “Hello?” and just as I thought it was Olivia. “Oh hey, Im glad your still home, I forgot to give you my gate code to get into my apartment building,” she says. “Hey actually my mother just stopped by for a few, I’ll call you back in five minutes, I say. “Ok just call me back,” she says and for the second time that day I hang up without saying goodbye, but hey I was under a lot of pressure, so I’m sure you understand.

The next statement out my mouth, went something like this, “Sergeant York, I’m going to be completely transparent with you, I don’t know nor have I ever met anyone by that name.” He then looks at me with this blank stare and then says, “Well she knows you, so since you sir are currently on probation, you might as well make it easy for everyone and tell us if you have anything in your house you shouldn’t have?”

Here is the thing everybody, I mean it’s important for you all to know that yes, I was on probation at that particular time. There ain’t no denying that. I’m no saint, and I’ve done a lot of things in my life that I regretted, but I was flying straight at that point in my life and was trying to get off of probation as quickly as I could. I was just trying to make a honest living so matter what he said, she said or anyone else’s said about me for that matter I was clean.

Still not having any idea what they might be looking for, with all the confidence of an completely innocent person I say, “You guys can look all you want, I don’t have anything to hide so your won’t find whatever your looking for here.” He told me to have a seat on the couch as they continued to search throughout my apartment.

The two agents that searched my bedroom, bathroom and closets came back to the front room and nodded there heads at Sergeant York as if they were saying we haven’t found anything. He looked at me and said, “Well just because we didn’t find anything I’m still going to let your probation officer know about what happen here today.” Since I was already pissed off with all this bullshit and these assholes wasting my time I just say, “Whatever man!”

Just as they get ready to walk out the door, one of the agents stops in his tracks and looks towards my Tv and says, “Hey boss, hold on a sec.” He zeros in on my cable box, grabs it to look at the back of it, puts it back down then uses the buttons on the top of it to type some sort of code. Almost immediately all four of them converge in front of my Tv and Sergeant York says to me, “What are you doing with a black box, you know these are against the law right?”

Muthafucking, shit, goddam!! That’s all I was thinking as he held that box in his hand. The truth was yes, it was a black box and if you know anything about cable piracy back in those days, those who get caught get the book thrown and them, so I was washed!! I played stupid like I didn’t know what he was holding and sat back and watched his entire demeanor change with a grin bigger than the Green Goblins.

He takes the black box wraps the cord around it and says to me, “Here’s my card, now you got 24 hours to get me some information on Robin Banks or this little baby right here is all I need to make sure we send you on a permanent vacation.” He hands me the card and says, “Do you have any questions.” I just look at him in disbelief take his card and say, “No.”

“Will talk tomorrow.” he replies back and they leave.
Now tell me what the fuck am I supposed to do?

To be continued…..